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Очередная книга для любителей поиграть на нервах у родителей, для девочек во дворе, и так просто.. для себя...
Представлять вам группу The Offspring я не стану - нет смысла. У меня даже мысли в голову не пробираются о том, что кто-то может не знать этих музыкантов и тем более их альбом Americana, вышедший в 1998 году.
Альбом буквально за считаные мгновения стал супер-успешным. Кстати, он немного отличался (да и отличается теперь) от их остальных альбомов. Здесь они стебали уже не только хэви-метал, но и все музыкальные стили, которые им только удалось воспроизвести. В текстах появился какой-то юмор, но в большинстве своём они оставались такими же серьёзными и трагичными. Offspring'и производили впечатление весьма наивных провинциальных музыкантов, которые даже не понимают, насколько смешно они звучат. За это их и полюбило новое поколение реальных провинциальных подростков, звучавших так же смешно и мысливших столь же серьёзно.

Как и всегда партии голоса и гитары + табы...


1. have you
2. beginning on the sunlight
three. beautiful fly
four. the youngsters aren't o.k.
five. emotions
6. She's bought concerns
7. Walla walla
eight. the top of the road
nine. No breaks
10. Why do not you get a job?
11. Americana
12. Pay the guy

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The three girls took David’s surname and the adoption was made formal, but the mother would be able to see her children whenever she wished, and her daughters would always know who their natural parents were. Inday and Dee were proud of all their adopted grandchildren, they treated them as their own, and both sets of children would carry their adopted father’s respective positions within the family. Yet there was no denying that David’s Manananggot 25 children were of Audrey’s blood, and that Bert’s child was of very different stock.

3 Networks of association in Nazareth CAP member or officer in more than one association purok official ** Key DELA VICTORIA CANTILA ignacio TABADA estepona moana dela torre CASABUENA CASABUENA ramos SARABIA** MONJARDIN** ibaos emnace bongcayao cst. EBIO ching hontansas trajano* labostro ucahg somillano pardillo ruiz aguilar lampa abacar tocmo yarso* tongco quiat. m da lag butaslac naorde namalata ria st au esp. no pa N cla 40 Making politics organisations from their personal relationships were still part of wider social networks and, therefore, part of wider and often conflicting interests, obligations and pressures; and their power lay not in the pargeted shell of the institution, but in the ever-changing relationships upon which it rested.

2 Making politics Introduction We turn now to the translation of the Nazarenes’ relationships – and of relationships such as theirs – into the institutions and practices of political and bureaucratic life. This translation was shaped by attitudes towards our relationships that I have characterised as ‘personal’ and ‘absolute’. With the personal came manipulation, instability, fission, an obsession with monitoring and image, and a need for authoritarianism. With the absolute came simplicity, stability, direction and quiet authority.

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