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By Nicole Gotzner

This ebook offers a unique experimental method of investigating the psychological illustration of linguistic choices. Combining theoretical and psycholinguistic questions about the nature of different units, it sheds new mild at the concept of concentration and the cognitive mechanisms underlying the processing of choices. In a sequence of language comprehension experiments, the writer exhibits that intonational concentration and concentration debris akin to ‘only’ form the illustration of choices in a listener’s brain in a primary manner. This booklet is suitable to researchers drawn to semantics, pragmatics, language processing and memory.

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2, linguistic theory divides focus particles into groups according to their specific meaning components. Exclusives like only express that the alternatives do not hold, while additives such as even and also presuppose the truth of alternative propositions. From this distinction, it might follow that the alternatives are mentally switched off if an exclusive particle is used while they become more salient in the case of inclusive particles. This hypothesis will be referred to as the lexical meaning hypothesis.

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