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By A. Macieira-Coelho (auth.), Kunio Oota, Masami Iriki, Takashi Makinodan, Lynn S. Baker (eds.)

The challenge of senescence, as mirrored within the background of reli­ gion and philosophy, has lengthy been one of many maximum issues of humankind. by contrast, gerontology as a department of technological know-how continues to be relatively younger. in the past decade, concomitant with speedy development in our figuring out of the fundamental existence sciences, colossal shops of information approximately organic getting older were collected. this information, notwithstanding, coming up from many clinical disciplines and involved in various degrees of biologic association, turns out nearly random and covers every thing from molecules to human societies. Theories complicated to interpret the evidence and to appreciate the mech­ anisms fascinated with senescence have remained in person, instead of normal, territories. It has lengthy been felt by means of a few gerontologists that it was once time for a number of the experts to step again and take a generalist view of gerontology, to reassess and reevaluate the end result in their analyt­ ical ambitions at diverse degrees inside of a broader context. a few others might imagine it nonetheless untimely. It appeared, although, that almost all of these who accumulated in Tokyo at the party of the XIth foreign Congress of Gerontology have been of the opinion that there has been a lot to be won in searching for interrelationships one of the evidence and theories originated within the diversified degrees of investiga­ tion in an try to detect and enjoy the organic drama of senescence as an entity.

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These facts suggest some loss of function on the part of ER or changes in the membrane system. Therefore, our fourth approach was to examine changes in the surface membrane of individual cells. Y. MI'rSUI ET AL. 19 14 350- r- 12 300- ~ ~ :; 10 250 ~... I 8 '0 6 I iii 4 ~ 50 2 Y OS OL Fig. 12. r-~ Y OSOL Y OSOL The amount of area for cytoplasm and mitochondria in fractionated cells. presents standard deviation of the mean value of each indeJt~", -~ .. Y, OS, and OL are as in Fig. 10. AGE-RELATED CHANGES IN CELL SURFACE MEMBRANES The adsorption of Concanavalin A treated red blood cells to the surface of fibroblasts can be examined at the individual cell level (11).

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