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By Yunquan Liu

This quantity offers the most recent developments and destiny views of atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics and its very important function in smooth sciences and applied sciences. The chapters are dedicated to quite a lot of quantum structures, with an emphasis at the knowing of ionization, high-harmonic new release, molecular orbital imaging and coherent keep watch over phenomena originating from light-matter interactions. The e-book overviews present learn panorama and spotlight significant medical traits in AMO physics interfacing with interdisciplinary sciences. it can be really attention-grabbing for younger researchers engaged on setting up their clinical pursuits and goals.

Readership: This publication is best suited for the lively scientists and graduates in strong-field group and in addition for different scientists who paintings with the ultrafast lasers in biology and chemistry.

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8F0/ω 0 30 60 tunneling phase (degree) 90 (b) Fig. 5. (a) The final photoelectron momentum pz with respect to the tunneling phase and the scattering angle at the instant of recollision. The final momentum scales with F0/w. Three regions are dissected by the black lines. Region I shows the high-energy photoelectrons with pz < −F0 /ω, Region II shows the photoelectrons with −F0 /ω < pz < 0, and Region III with 0 < pz < F0 /ω, respectively. (b) The photoelectron momentum pz with respect to the tunneling phase with the different transverse momenta px .

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