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By Jingtao Han, Xianghua Liu, Zhengyi Jiang

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P. J. X. F. C. Y. J. B. J. Guo System Analysis and Simulation Modeling as the Basis for Unique Design of Port Terminals for Bulk Handling K. Nikolay The Re-Cognition and Direction of Chinese Labor-Intensive Industry B. H. T. A. Steiner Experiencing Integrated Management in a Virtual Learning Environment D. A. J. Steiner Neto and O. Canciglieri Junior Forecasting for Machine Tool Sales Based on Grey Linear Regression Model D. F. F. Z. L. Y. J. Y. An and L. C. Chen and Q. C. X. Wu, X. B. Liao, T.

H. P. Fang Based on SVM Classification of Connection Pools Algorithm J. Y. M. L. Fang and Y. C. Chen, W. L. P. H. H. Y. B. Y. W. X. D. S. M. M. S. P. D. Wu, J. T. H. H. C. K. Y. Z. Chai Chaotic Time Series Adaptive Prediction Based on Volterra Series F. H. Liao Correlation Coefficient Matrix Based PD Feature Dimensional Reduction Y. S. K. Shang and S. Y. Chen, B. Liu and X. Q. C. W. Lu Combination Forecasting Method Based on IOWA Operator and Application D. F. F. Hu and S. Wu Research and Implement of an Improved Frame-Slotted ALOHA Anti-Collision Algorithm L.

Q. Wu Prediction of Network Utilization Based on ARMA Model and RELS H. Zhang, F. Y. Han An Improved DMOC Method with Gradient Penalty Term L. Y. X. G. X. Ju and W. S. Ma 2741 2748 2754 2758 2762 2767 2772 2780 2784 2788 2794 Chapter 21: Energy and Power Engineering Uncertainty Estimation Method for Windspeed Random Fluctuation Based on it’s Amplitude Modulation Effect J. G. R. C. R. F. L. R. M. X. X. R. C. Tao Simulation and Test for Turbine Air Powered Engine J. T. C. Deng Research on the Influence of Temperature and Illumination Strength to Photovoltaic Generation System K.

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