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By James S. Brudvik

Univ. of Washington, Seattle. textual content, for graduate scholars, at the detachable partial denture. Covers sufferer evaluate, analysis, and therapy making plans; denture layout; mouth practise; ultimate impressions and casts; laboratory development of the framework; upkeep, additions, and relines; protheses; attachments; and implants. Illustrated. DNLM: Denture, Partial, detachable.

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Teeth being replaced on tlu- partial and the weake r the quality of the ubut tucnts, citlu-r pcri odon tally o r rcstorativelj; tile more teet h that mu st be involved as abutments. For the ot he r classific ations . uuount o f too th str ucture lost to mou th prr-puratton for guidiug planes. For the Class IV situatio n. lange art-a because. if a full flange is desired , these soft tissue undercuts will have to d raw wi th the posterior gniding planes. It is often im possible to m ake this ulignmc-nt wi thout c r owning the abutment t£'l'lh.

TIlt'se cla sp fo rm s have all been cre ate d to wo rk a ro und cont ours that have not been adequately modfflod wtth appropriat e 1I10nth p reparation or. in so me case s, te eth that ne ed mi no r o rthodonna to retu rn them to a no rmal po sitio n in the arc h. If th e re is no usabl e me sial und e rcut for a ci rcumfere n tial wi re clasp , unde rcuts 011 the lingual su rface wil l ha ve to be used or tilt' tooth mod ified with sonu- form of ad ditive mo ut h pre paration . Given qu ali ty mouth p repa ra tio n.

Llell combined with a proximal guide plate at the edentulous side of the prim e abu tment 20 and a rest at the othe r e nd of the occlusal surface. 110 b racing arm is required . This is becaus e the tootll cannot be displaced by the action or th e re tentive clasp an n. Depending 0 11 the contact of the gllide plate, stres s relief ca n be created wi th this syste m for the Class I situation. \\'ht'll til(' l-bnr clasp is made of a suit able length and gauge of wire, additional advan tages are possible.

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