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The wide medial segment communicates with the middle cranial fossa, while the narrow lateral segment is closed by the dura mater. Through the wide part the following structures pass: (a) the three branches of the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve, (b) the III, IV and VI cranial nerves, (c) the ophthalmic vein or veins, (d) the orbital branch of the middle meningeal artery and the recurrent meningeal branch of the lacrimal artery and (e) the sympathetic fibers from the cavernous plexus.

From the medial side, the lymph vessels drain into the submaxillary lymph nodes. N erve su p p ly (Fig. 4) It is divided into three groups: (a) motor—the facial and oculom otor, (b) the sensory— from the trigeminal and (c) the sympathetic—supplying Muller’s muscle. Supraorbital Fig. 4 Sensory supply to the eyelid: 1, lacrimal nerve; 2, Supraorbital nerve; 3. supratrochlcar nerve; 4, infratrochlear nerve; and 5. infraorbital nerve (Snell and Lemp). V enous d ra in a g e The supeificial or pretarsal vein drains into the anterior facial which in turn drains into the internal jugular and the superficial temporal which in turn drains into the external jugular.

N erve su p p ly Nerve supply is divided in three groups: (a) the sensory—from the trigeminal, (b) the motor—from the facial, and (c) the sympathetic outflow to the orbit. F u rther R eading 1. C. J. ), Chapman and Hall, London, 1997. 2. , Signal transduction and activation of the lacrimal gland. M. A. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1994, p. 458. 3. , Dry eye disorders. M. A. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1994, p. 257. 4. ), Warwick, R. L. ), Longm an, London, 1973. 5. , The lacrimal secretory system and its treatment, Am.

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