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By Albrecht, Greg

A style of Grace is an easy-to-read page-turning exploration of God's notable grace, established and illustrated through the lessons of Jesus. A flavor of Grace declares God's grace as irreconcilably against the center values and ideology of institutionalized faith and divulges God's grace to be an absurd and silly sentiment that does not upload as much as the human brain

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In spite of their presumed ability to buy or rent wedding clothing—they did not have the resources to show up at this wedding in the clothing the king deemed appropriate for this occasion. The right clothing was clothing that only the king could provide. Everything needed by anyone who was invited would be provided—right down to their clothing. That idea alone must have offended the respected religious leaders. They received the invitation and read the stipulation—“appropriate clothing will be provided” and were scandalized.

You might be retired or semi-retired, but you still relate to the world of work. We all have our stories about the workplace, and Jesus offers us this classic. It is one of my favorites among all his parables. The landowner has a job that needs to be done, so he continues to hire workers until he is satisfied that the work will get done. From a worker’s perspective, one of the most, if not the most, important of all facets of the workplace is the wage. What do I get for my efforts? So it is that the lesson of this parable hinges around payday.

He came with new wine, a new covenant and a new way of relating to God. He didn’t come to add to the problem of our shame and guilt—he came to introduce and offer the solution! In the beginning, when God finished his work of creation he rested. He obviously wasn’t tired—he didn’t need time to catch his breath. He rested in the sense that the work was over—nothing more needed to be done to the physical creation. His work was finished. In the old covenant the seventh-day Sabbath was a memorial of creation, and in this physical covenant the emphasis was on physical performance and deeds.

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