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Corneal Fistula is a rare result. T h e track m a y become lined w i t h epithelium. v i . —The sudden diminution o f the intra-ocular pressure m a y cause a rupture o f a n y of t h e vessels in the e y e , causing choroidal or vitreous haemorrhage. T h i s m a y sometimes be profuse enough t o expel the contents o f the globe. v i i . Purulent Iritis or e v e n panophthalmitis m a y result if the organism causing the ulcer reaches the interior of the e y e . 2. U l c u s S e r p e n s . — T h i s is the name g i v e n t o a characteristic t y p e o f ulcer w h i c h tends t o spread across the cornea in a serpiginous manner.

Endeavour should be made t o exclude all these factors in a n y g i v e n case, but it must be a d m i t t e d t h a t in m a n y cases all investigations made t o exclude the a b o v e conditions h a v e p r o v e d n e g a t i v e . S i g n s a n d S y m p t o m s . — S e v e r e pain in and around the e y e , w i t h photophobia and lacrimation. T h e conjunctiva is congested and ciliary flush is present. T h e r e is marked impairment o f vision. T h e r e then appears the train o f signs mentioned in the section headed PATHOLOGY : * m u d d y ' iris, sluggish pupil reaction, small irregular pupil, and in untreated cases all the pathological processes mentioned a b o v e , and the e y e m a y finish up as a painful blind one due to secondary glaucoma.

3. A s the result o f these changes the e y e becomes shrunken and the condition k n o w n as 'phthisis b u l b i ' is apparent. 4. Calcified areas m a y appear, particularly in the cornea. 5. A c t u a l bone formation sometimes occurs in old shrunken eyes. 43 CHAPTER IV DISEASES OF THE UVEAL TRACT ALTHOUGH t h e iris, ciliary b o d y , a n d choroid are each distinct anatomical entities, i t is o f utmost importance t o remember t h a t these structures bear a close a n d continuous relationship o n e w i t h t h e other—hence t h e frequency w i t h which w e see an inflammation i n v o l v i n g the whole o f the uveal tract.

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