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By J.B., Jr. Bessinger

The writer has tried to hide the vocabulary of the total corpus of Anglo-Saxon verse and make the word-list as commonly helpful as attainable for the overall scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature.

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Sg. benefit of the people (174) folde (foldan) /. earth; surface of the Earth; soil; land, region (224) folen see féolan folgere (folgeras) m. follower, retainer (41) folgian //follow, persue; serve, obey (41) folgo}>/folga]? (folgoSas) m. following, retinue; way of life (41) folm (—a)/, palm of the hand, hand (62) fon [<*fóhan<*fanhan] (féng, é, a) 7 grasp, seize, take; undertake: be— grasp, comprehend, encompass, envelop: ymb—' grasp, surround: Jmrh— get through, penetrate (198) for prep, for, on account of; before, in the presence of, in the sight of; in return for; in place of (807) —hwon cj.

Anxious (75) cearf see ceorfan cearian // be anxious, suffer distress (75) cearu (ceara) /. sg. suff. -choosing, -selecting (173) ceas ter (ceastra) /. n. cedar (3) cellod aj. ) (2) cempa (^n) m. sg. ) (55) céol ('—'as) m. pl. cold winds (94) ceole (ceolan) /. throat (1) ceorfan (ea, curfon, o) 3 cut (9) ceorl (^as) m. sg. sg. coolness, chill (94) cíepa (^TI) m. merchant (18) 3e-cíepan / do business, trade (18) cierm ('—as) m. noise (23) cierman I cry out, make a noise (23) cierr ('—as) m. ); occasion, time (71) cierran / turn, change, go; convert (in faith) (71) ciest ('—'e) /.

Gloomy, sad; dark(ly), obscure(ly) (41) derian // harm, injure (12) diacon (~as) m. deacon (1) diefan / dip, immerse (7) 3e-diegan / carry out; endure, survive, escape (182) dieslan / hide (38) diesle av. sg. av. dear, precious, excellent, noble; dearly, expensively, kindly (85) dierling (~as) m. sg. secret: aj. secret, concealed (50) 3e-diersian // glorify (85) dihtan / appoint, set (5) a-dihtian // arrange (5) á-dílegian // erase, blot out (6) dimm aj. n. devil (75) disc (^as) m. n. day (502) dohte see dugan dohtor (^) /.

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