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By L. Agosta

A rumor of empathy in vicarious receptivity, knowing, interpretation, narrative, and empathic intersubjectivity turns into the scandal of empathy in Lipps and Strachey. but whilst the entire philosophical arguments and different types are whole and the entire hermeneutic circles spun out, we're without problems within the presence of one other man or woman.

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But this attribution is not a function of the objective design of nature. Significantly, Kant notes, “at least this is how we interpret nature” (1790/93b: 181; §42 [AA 303]). The bird in question is a male trying to attract a female, so that they can nest and mate, propagating the species. With our aesthetic abilities, we humans interpret the song as a “joyfulness and contentment” with life. We supply the joy by (in effect) projecting it—subrepting it—preconsciously onto nature where we rediscover contentment as having been there all the while.

A guilty secret? This “search[ing] out what one can expect” is a kind of vicarious experience that determines whether we will trust the other or not. A reconstruction gets traction if we redescribe this scenario, not as a magical entry into the other’s soul, but as being open to vicarious experience of what the other is feeling about the possibility of relatedness. This matter of trust is arguably an a priori one, about the form of the relationship as such, disclosing the other as a possibility of relatedness, not a contingent empirical encounter, though particular content will be present too.

Within the forms of givenness available to human experience, can we find an experience that becomes a paradigm feeling relating oneself and the other, decontaminated of philosophical anthropology and detached from morality, even if such is not explicitly called out and must be reconstructed in Kant? 0006 A Rumor of Empathy in Kant  law is disclosed in the paradigm feeling of respect; the sublime, in awe; and the beautiful, in delight; does a feeling exist in which the other as other is given without morality swallowing up all the relatedness between individuals?

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