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By Henry Rosemont Jr.

During this little e-book, Confucian pupil and thinker Henry Rosemont, Jr. has summarized 40 years of expertise learning, translating, and educating the Analects. For crucial cross-referencing of textual passages in differing translations, Rosemont presents tables of variation spellings of chinese language phrases, a discovering checklist for college kids named within the textual content, a concordance of key philosophical and spiritual phrases, and an annotated bibliography to lead the reader's extra stories and reflections at the textual content.

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The Shang survivors of the Zhou conquest were said to have been given a sinecure in Lu, hence his affection for his homeland. ) If the legends are to be believed, Confucius had nine half sisters and a handicapped or deformed half brother before he was born to his sire’s third mate when the former was 60. The father died three years later, and the boy’s mother died when he was 17. 1057/9781137303394 28 Reader’s Companion to the Confucian Analects Ni, is made up of two graphs, the first meaning the “middle son,” and the second is the name of the mountain where he was supposedly born, Mt.

This is obviously far too cumbersome a locution to employ in translation, and it is not possible to merely gloss the term and thereafter simply transliterate it, because {zhi} is a very common phoneme in Chinese; 18 different graphs having little or nothing to do with each other semantically are all transliterated as zhi in the Analects alone. Moreover, there are indeed some passages in which “knowledge,” “certainty” or “understanding” does indeed render zhi better than any other English term. But in the great majority of cases, a better word for most occasions of the “knowing” zhi in the Analects is “realize,” which my collaborator Roger Ames first proposed in his Thinking Through Confucius.

Of his own family we know very little indeed. 10. The text makes no mention, however, of the Master’s wife, or wives, if he had more than one, or concubines, if he had any at all. The hagiographies began about 500 years after his death, bearing scant affinities with any historical facts. One legend is, however, of significance in my view, for the glimpses it gives us both of how Confucius was perceived, and children depicted. The story goes that one day, while riding in his carriage, the Master passed by a young boy of 7, Xiang Tuo, building houses in the sand and mud, oblivious to the carriage.

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