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By Pierre Accoce

Guy referred to as Lucy, A: 1939-1945, via Accoce, Pierre and Pierre Quet

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Day after day, with obstinate patience, self to his task. he laid In article after article, Roessler devoted him- pamphlet after pamphlet, bare the ravages that Nazism was inflicting on Germany. The "ammunition" for his writings came, of course, Almost every day, he received a friends, in which letter from one of confidential intelligence from his Berlin. German was concealed in ap- parently innocent gossip. Sometimes, too, one of the ten would come and visit Roessler in Lucerne. Thanks month March in to them, Roessler "announced" in his pamphlets a advance the Wehrmacht's intended occupation on 7, 1936, of the demilitarized zone of the Rhineland.

The situated on the Wertach, with a population of father, a local dignitary and a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Waters and Forests, brought his children up in the Protestant faith. Rudolf's elder brother studied law and be- came a public prosecutor; his sister became a teacher at the Gymnasium in Augsburg, also in Bavaria. Rudolf Roessler first met his ten companions at the front during the First World War and they became close friends. The other ten were from one of those military academies where young cadets were turned into loyal and efficient officers and where individualists soon learned conformity where, too, a — — A MAN CALLED LUCY 28 good grounding in literature and philosophy was provided.

Fritz T. did everything possible to reduce the chances of dis- covery. He insisted that his transmission should never last longer than a half-hour except in extraordinary circumstances. The longer dispatches were to be broken days if necessary. Roessler up and spread over was never to call either of the sergeants. In the event of an unexpected silence part, several on two Roessler's Werther and Olga would know that something had hap- pened and would not out his signal, would be up to would do by sending try to contact him.

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