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By William J (William Joseph) 1867- Long

Mooweesuk the Coon is termed the bear's little brother through either Indians and naturalists, due to the some ways during which he resembles the "big prowler within the black coat." An soaking up bankruptcy at the coon's mystery behavior starts off this quantity, via tales in regards to the woodcock, the wildcat, the toad, and lots of different animals. chapters extraordinary for his or her prepared perception into the hidden lifetime of animals shut this volume,─one on Animal surgical procedure, describing many of the ways that wild animals deal with their wounds; the opposite on searching with no Gun, exhibiting the enjoyment of following even the massive and hazardous animals with the will simply to be close to and comprehend them.

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It was just beyond the upland pasture where the famous Old Beech Partridge lived. On the northern slopes were some dark, wet maple woods, and beyond that the ground slanted away through scrub and alders to a little wild meadow where cowslips grew beside the brook. One April day, in stealing through the maple woods, I stopped suddenly at seeing something shining like a jewel almost at my feet. It was an eye, a bird's eye; but it was some moments before I could realize that it was really a bird sitting there on her nest between the broken ends of an old stub that had fallen years ago.

In the heart of every man will be found the measure of his world, whether it be small or great. He will judge heat, not by mathematical computation of the sun's energy, but by the twitch of his burned finger, as every other child does; and comprehend the law of reaction, not from Ganot's treatise, but by pulling on his own boot-straps. So, with all the new facts of animal life before him, he will still live in a blind world and understand nothing until he have the courage to look in his own heart and read.

The mother came out first and sagged away backwards down the tree, swinging her head from side to side to look down and see how far yet, in true bear fashion. The four little ones followed her, clawing and whining their way to the bottom—all but one, who when half-way down turned and jumped, landing on his mother's soft back to save himself trouble. Then she led the way to the doorway among the rocks, and the young followed in single file, winding about on her trail, stopping and sniffing when she did, and imitating her every action, just as young bear cubs do when roaming about the woods.

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