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It starts off easily. Shen Tai, son of an illustrious basic serving the Emperor of Kitai, has spent years honoring the reminiscence of his past due father via burying the bones of the useless from either armies on the website of 1 of his father's final nice battles. In reputation of his labors and his filial piety, an not going resource has despatched him a deadly present: 250 Sardian horses.

You provide a guy one of many famed Sardian horses to present him tremendously. You supply him 4 or 5 to exalt him above his fellows, propel him in the direction of rank, and earn him jealousy, in all probability mortal jealousy. 200 and fifty is an unthinkable present, a present to weigh down an emperor.

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A vivid illustration of this was provided by the tomb of the Countess of Dai, which was discovered in 1972 at Mawangdui in Hunan. The tomb, which dates from about 168 Be, contained the mummified body of the princess and various talismans which would enable her to make the journey to paradise. These included a painting on silk which depicted the route her soul would take, first to the magical island of Penglai and then to the gates of paradise. An indication of the increased complexity of the belief in an afterlife can be found in the appearance, in tombs dating from the first century, of bronze TLV mirrors.

Appointees were given graded titles of rank which have sometimes been equated with the aristocratic titles used in the West. Some of the bronzes recorded military activities, which confirm that the relationship involved military assistance, although they give the lie to the idealized picture of the Western Zhou period as a golden age of peace, a time when Chinese did not fight Chinese, although they might fight against the surrounding 'barbarians' . Notwithstanding this evidence, the appropriateness of the term 10 A HISTORY OF CHINA 'feudal' to describe the Western Zhou has been queried.

The latter then went to Qin and persuaded the heir to the Qin throne, who was childless, to accept Zichu as his heir. In quick succession the Qin ruler and his heir died, to be succeeded by Zichu, who himself died in 247 after a reign of only three years. Zichu had appointed Lii Buwei as his chancellor and Lii continued in that post until 237, during the minority of King Zheng, who was supposedly his son. In that time LU Buwei further strengthened Qin by encouraging the construction of canals and by sowing dissension between the other states.

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