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By G. H. Hardy

There may be few textbooks of arithmetic as famous as Hardy's natural arithmetic. in view that its book in 1908, it's been a vintage paintings to which successive generations of budding mathematicians have became first and foremost in their undergraduate classes. In its pages, Hardy combines the keenness of a missionary with the rigor of a purist in his exposition of the elemental principles of the differential and critical calculus, of the homes of limitless sequence and of different subject matters related to the idea of restrict.

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We consider a common refinement W = (W Wk )k∈K of both U and V, as well as any refining maps σ : K → I and ρ : K → J with Wk ⊆ Uσ(k) and Wk ⊆ Vρ(k) , thus Wk ⊆ Uσ(k) ∩ Vρ(k) . 12). 16) imply that [f ]U ∈ H tUW ([f ]U ) = [σq (f )]W = [(τ ◦ ρ)q (f )]W = [(ρq (ττq (f ))]W = tVW (tUV ([f ]U )). 6. Sheaf cohomology 39 ˇ q (U, S) and tU ([f ]U ) ∈ H ˇ q (V, S) are This proves that the classes [f ]U ∈ H V equivalent (in the inductive limit); hence, tU ([f ]U ) = tV tUV ([f ]U ) , as required. 20) ˇ 1 (U, S) −→ H ˇ 1 (V, S) τ1∗ ≡ tUV : H is injective, for every V ⊆ U.

6. 1. Cech cohomology with coefficients in a sheaf This is a popular approach to cohomology, allowing direct computations without use of resolutions (cf. 3). Some of its drawbacks are remedied by assuming that we work over paracompact topological spaces. The sheaf of coefficients are mainly A-modules, a fact generalizing the ordinary cohomology theory with coefficients in a sheaf of K-modules, where K is a ring. We begin with an arbitrary topological space X and a fixed open covering U = (U Uα )α∈I of it.

4. Change of the base space 29 It is useful to describe the behavior of f∗ (φ) : f∗ (S) → f∗ (T ) with regard to the local sections. 3)) f∗ (φ) ≡ f∗ (φ)V : f∗ (S)(V ) −→ f∗ (T )(V ). 9)). 8 we obtain (after φ¯f −1 (V ) ≡ φ) f∗ (φ)(σ) = f∗ (φ)(˜) = φ(s), from which one infers that f∗ (φ)(˜) = φ(s), s ∈ S(f −1 (V )). As in the case of the pull-back, we obtain the (covariant) push-out functor f∗ : ShX −→ ShY . 11) (g ◦ f )∗ ≡ g∗ ◦ f∗ , for any continuous maps f : X → Y and g : Y → Z. To illustrate further the construction of the push-out, let us consider the case of a sheaf of unital algebras A (over X) with unit section 1 ∈ A(X).

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