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By Yuanwen Lu

Collocation is a crucial instrument in describing lexical behaviour in language and has obtained expanding consciousness in recent times.

Based on corpora: LOCNESS (the Louvain Corpus of local English Essays) and MLC (the Non-English significant Mainland chinese language Learner Corpus), this publication explores the positive aspects of chinese language learner English with research of grammatical and lexical collocations. The findings exhibit that chinese language college scholars use collocations with significantly much less sort and chinese and tradition exert a considerable impact on their English writing. It additionally discusses how you can take on the issues chinese language English beginners face and the pedagogical implications for educating English and studying English collocations.

As one of many first systematic experiences to enquire collocations in chinese language learner English according to learner corpora, this e-book not just analyzes how chinese language inexperienced persons use collocations of their English writing, but in addition presents major implications for overseas language educating and learning.

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EA stems from contrastive analysis (CA). It is therefore necessary for us to take a look at CA first. The heyday of CA was during the 1950s and 1960s. Fries, one of the leading proponents of CA, presents his view on second language teaching and learning: The most efficient materials are those that are based upon a scientific description of the language to be learned, carefully compared with a parallel description of the native language of the learner. (Fries, 1945: 9) CA involves two steps. The first step is to describe comparable features of L1 and L2, and then compare the two languages in order to find the mismatches that would predictably cause interference and error (James, 1998: 4).

It aims to gain a better understanding and insight into the nature of learner language. By comparing learner English with the background of different mother tongues, it can evaluate the effect of different variables on learner production, for example, learners’ age, proficiency level, L1 background, task type, learning setting, medium, etc. Furthermore, cross-linguistic features can be revealed based on the comparison of these different learner languages. Review of related literatureâ•… 31 2 Between learner production and native speakers’ production.

1â•… Collocation in EFL lexicography Collocation in EFL lexicography is presented in the explanations and the examples in EFL dictionaries. The first EFL dictionary based on a computer corpus is the Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary (1987, henceforth CCELD in this book). It emphasises that its examples are from authentic materials and they are representative of real English (Sinclair, 1987). The most significant feature of the CCELD is that its explanations as well as the examples for each entry show its typical patterns with which the word’s meanings are associated (Hanks, 1987: 117).

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