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Then with centre a in the elevation and radii a - d and a - c describe arcs to give d' and c' on the X - Y line. Figure 153 A comprehensive practical geometry for builders 48 3. 4. 5. a" - c is the length of the diagonal a-c. Draw lines at right angles to b - c from band c in the elevation in the direction of b" and c". With centre a and radius a" - c mark off point c" on the line brought up from c. Draw c" - b" parallel to a-d. a - d - c" - b" is the true shape of the oblique plane a - b - c - d.

CO 6 Figure 139 5 ARCHITRAVES AROUND A DOORWAY Figure 140 shows how the shapes of two architraves around a doorway, unequal in width can be decided. givlZn mitre Figure 138 Proportional reduction Figure 139 shows how a moulding can be reduced proportionately. Let 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 be the given moulding and 0' - 6' be the depth of the required moulding. 1. Draw the given moulding and some distance away draw 2. 3. 0' - 6' parallel to 0 - 6. Draw a line from 0, through 0' in the direction of 0".

In the drawing is seen a block of wood placed on the horizontal plane and points from the block projected backwards and sideways to obtain the front and side elevations. 1st Angle Remember, there are several geometrical solids we concentrate upon such as prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres. These solids cover most of the shapes met with in building and a good knowledge of their geometry will help the student in practical work related to the industry. A comprehensive practical geometry for builders 58 a' ________________dr' ____,a , a a Ib d d c ,cJ a a' b b' ) plan Figure 189 1st Angle y 21.

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