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By Sara Murphy, Huguette Glowinski, Zita M. Marks

Jacques Lacan (1901-81) used to be probably the most unique and arguable thinkers of the post-war interval. His rules had a profound impact at the highbrow events of his time and his paintings is of constant significance to a variety of disciplines: psychoanaytic idea and perform, literary feedback, serious social thought, linguistics, cinemma, paintings feedback and political technology. This identify goals to offer a transparent and important exposition on a few forty keywords. every one access outlines the assumption, finding it inside Lacanian discourse, and the evolution of the time period in the improvement of Lacan's principles. an inventory of references is equipped on the finish of every access.

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Lacan, J. (1975) [1972-73] Le Séminaire, Livre XX: Encore (éd. J. A. Miller). Paris: Seuil. Lacan, J. (1977) [1949] 'The mirror stage as formative of the function of the I'. Écrits: A Selection (trans. A. Sheridan). London; Tavistock. Lacan, J. (1991) [1969-70] Le Séminaire, Livre XVII, Uenvers de la psychanalyse. Paris: Seuil. Katrien Libbrecht Borromean Knot The Borromean knot, a figure developed and reformulated at different moments of theorizing, allows Lacan to conceptualize and illustrate that the registers the Imaginary, the Symbolic and the Real are linked, but interdependently so.

Another question, related to the first, on which there is no consensus, and which has generated research and animated discussions, is that of the existence of a 'progression' of autism (at least in 28 A Compendium of Lacanian Terms some cases) towards a paranoiac-like position. Rosine and Robert Lefort are in favour of separating autism from the psychoses, for the reasons outlined above, which stress the differences in the ways the autistic subject and the psychotic subject relate with the Other.

Lacan emphasizes that it is not possible to articulate anything about castration without this distinction. He claims that it is the confusion of castration with privation and frustration that has led a number of psychoanalysts to founder in their theoretical and clinical orientation. He singles out Ernest Jones who substitutes for castration his concept of aphanisis, disappearance of desire, as an example of an analyst unable to surmount the difficulties of managing the castration complex. It is also in this seminar that Lacan elaborates the relation between castration and the phallus.

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