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By Alison P. Howat, etc., Nicholas J. Capp, Nicholas V.J. Barrett

This e-book presents a realistic rationalization of the occlusal elements of the constructing dentition exhibiting how orthodintic therapy might in attaining a fantastic occlusion. The restorative part describes intimately the levels in scientific and laboratory evaluation of the occlusion.

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Fig. 3 (a) A Truss Member AB; (b) A Triangular Finite Element UK A triangular membrane element such as UK in Fig. 2(b) shown enlarged in Fig. 3(b) has two DOF at each node. Hence the element has a total of (3X2) or 6 DOF. Different types of members and elements have different numbers of DOF. For instance, a 3D frame member has two joints and six DOF (3 forces or displacements and 3 moments or rotations) per joint and 12 DOF in total. A solid "brick" element has ei^t nodes and three DOF (3 forces or displacements) per node and 24 DOF in total.

Thus screw design is of significance and should allow a maximum torque to be introduced on the shank of the screw'^. Several authors^^"^^ have drawn attention to the fact that repeated loading and unloading cycles result in alternating contact and separation of components. Clinical findings of screw loosening and failure probably result from these separation events and from elevated strains in the screw. Another mechanism of screw loosening is based on the fact that no surface is completely smooth.

The stiffness coefficients for prismatic bars can be determined from basic theoretical principles of strength of materials and theory of structures. For instance, consider the truss member AB, of length L and cross-sectional area At from a material with Young's Modulus of elasticity E, inclined at an angle 6 with the horizontal, subjected to a unit displacement along DOF 1, as shown in Fig. 5 (a). Fig. 5 (a) Unit Global Displacement; (b) Action Components The unit horizontal displacement Di resolves into an axial displacement DA= 1 • cos^ = cos^ and a transverse displacement DA = 1 • sin^ = sin^.

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