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Neutron radiation effects are factored into the analysis, where applicable. The analysis demonstrates the existence of adequate margins for continued operation over the life time of the plant in the presence of a flaw one quarter the vessel wall thickness in depth. 2. REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS FOR RPV DESIGN IN THE USA Part 50 of the US Code of Federal Regulations, Title 10 (10 CFR 50) [20] regulates the. construction of NPPs. 55(a) defines the reactor vessel to be part of the reactor coolant boundary and requires that the vessel meet the requirements for Class 1 vessels contained in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Sections III [18] and XI [21].

The ASME Code gives specific rules for fatigue strength reduction factors and design curves for each type of material For the component design to be acceptable, the cumulative usage factor at the end of life must be less than unity Under some conditions outlined in the Code, a fatigue analysis is not necessary, however, conditions are then fairly restrictive 33 B&C H FIG, 13. Regions of a RPV to be analysed in order to determine compliance with the ASME Code. Areas of the vessel analysed The regions of the vessel which are examined in order to determine compliance with the ASME Code are shown in Figs 13-17.

Dynamic initiation fracture toughness obtained under fast or rapidly applied loading rates is designated KM. Further, in structural steels, a crack arrest fracture toughness is obtained under conditions where a propagating flaw is arrested within a test specimen. The crack arrest toughness is designated Kia. Appendix G to Section in presents a reference stress intensity factor [KnO as a function of temperature based on the lower bound of static KIC, dynamic K^ and crack arrest Kja fracture toughness values.

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