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By Eric Scerri (ed.)

The chemical parts are the construction blocks of existence, yet might you speak about the periodic desk over the dinner desk? Which components positioned the blue into blu-ray and the lime into limelight? And are you aware adequate approximately antimony, arsenic, and aluminum to light up the bar together with your elemental wisdom? 30-Second components offers you with the rules of chemical wisdom, distilling the 50 most important chemical parts into half-a-minute person entries, utilizing not anything greater than pages, three hundred phrases, and one photo. Divided into seven chapters, it contains the atomic information of the opposite sixty eight parts and the relationships of all 118, in addition to biographies of the chemists who reworked medical wisdom and unlocked the mysteries of lifestyles itself. Illustrated with explosive images, here's the fastest option to recognize your arsenic out of your europium.


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It was widely used in luminous paint, until women workers painting clock dials began to develop anaemia and cancer. The dial painters had been licking their brushes to bring them to a point, ingesting radioactive material; more than 100 workers died from exposure to radiation. Marie Curie’s own death from aplastic anaemia was almost certainly a result of exposure to radiation; even now her notebooks are kept in lead-lined boxes and handled only with protective clothing. 3-SECOND STATE Chemical symbol: Ra Atomic number: 88 Named: After Latin radius (‘ray’) 3-MINUTE REACTION Radium has four natural isotopes – variants featuring differing numbers of neutrons in the atom – with atomic weights ranging from 223 to 228, plus many more artificial isotopes.

However, radioactive fluorine-18 can be made and is the basis of positron emission tomography (PET), a medical imaging technique that produces a 3D image of organs and bodily processes: with a half-life of 110 minutes, fluorine-18 decays in a way that allows doctors to monitor the body’s vital organs. RELATED ELEMENTS CHLORINE (Cl 17) BROMINE (Br 35) IODINE (I 53) 3-SECOND BIOGRAPHIES HENRI MOISSAN 1852−1907 French chemist who first produced fluorine gas in 1886 in Paris FREDERICK MCKAY 1874−1959 American dentist who proved in the early 1930s that fluoride strengthens teeth ROY PLUNKETT 1911−94 American chemist who in 1938 discovered Teflon 30-SECOND TEXT John Emsley How do chemical elements contribute to cooking eggs?

The discovery of the element is one of the happiest accidents in chemistry. In 1811, French chemist Bernard Courtois used seaweed as a raw material at the family saltpetre works in Paris and noticed a bright violet vapour in the reaction vessel; the vapour condensed to form shiny black crystals. His compatriot Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac confirmed that this was a new element, and suggested the name iodine. Unfortunately, Courtois was ruined in his efforts to profit from his discovery as his business failed to return on his investment and he stuggled financially for the rest of his life.

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