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20 Questions...Answered is a reproducible ESL/EFL reading-and-discussion textual content for fake newcomers, or for real newbies who've already had approximately 8 months of guideline within the language. each one unit examines a component of existence presently of curiosity. From well known curiosity in Dinosaurs, within the net, in cosmetic surgery, in Cameras within the court, and in Endangered Species, 20 Questions...Answered covers all of them, and lots of more!

Put rather it seems that, 20 Questions...Answered is stuffed with informative tales, with routines, on subject matters of curiosity to the fashionable pupil. issues contain: 1. Dinosaurs 2. glossy artwork three. DNA four. pcs five. Lasers 6. The English Language 7. asthma eight. international Warming nine. desires 10. Marijuana eleven. speedy meals 12. cosmetic surgery thirteen. Political Correctness 14. Alzheimer´s illness 15. inventory Markets sixteen. Cameras within the court 17. South Africa 18. Martial Arts 19. Astrology 20. Earthquakes.

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13) In ancient Roman times, dreams were considered to predict the _____________________. DOWN: 2) Doctors argued that dreams were just _____________________ illusions. 3) The Old Testament of the Bible is filled with accounts of _____________________ dreams. 4) Recent researchers claim that dreams help a person work out _____________________ to problems. 5) Who knows if scientists will ever discover the real meaning of _____________________? 8) During REM, a sleeper’s eyes move _____________________ back and forth.

Give some examples and explain. 3) What is the most difficult thing about English? What is the easiest thing to learn? When a person is learning English, do you think the task is easier or more difficult depending on what other language(s) that person already knows? Give examples. WORD POWER Circle the letter of the word that means the same as the word on the left. 1) virtually a) beautifully b) humanly c) nearly 2) invading a) settling b) attacking c) visiting 3) territory a) land b) language c) army 4) adopted a) chose b) learned c) rejected 5) slaughtered a) looked after b) killed c) ate 6) modifications a) mistakes b) modernizations c) changes 6-4 CROSSWORD PUZZLE 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ACROSS: 1) William the Conqueror took _____________________ of England in 1066.

Later the political leaders and the upper class of England became even more heavily influenced by the French-speaking William the Conqueror and his accompanying court. William took control of England in 1066. 6 Even though the majority of common people in England continued to speak English, many Kings and nobles adopted French as their preferred language. This period with its odd mixture of French and English words is called Middle English by historians. Middle English continued until the late 1400s.

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