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By G. Adams, T. Peck, H. Piotrowski

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That’s right. • That’s correct. • (more colloquial) OK. g. ) • No (+ negative tag) No, we can’t. • Indeed not. • Certainly not. • Of course not. 4 expressing reluctant agreement • If you say so. • I suppose so. • No doubt. 5 conceding a point • Good point. • Fair enough. 6 expressing agreement with reservations use of falling-rising intonation • I a gree with you there. • I don’t disa·gree with you there. • Up to a point, yes. • That may well be so, but . . • Yes (+ tag with fall-rise) Yes, it is.

Do you approve (of + NP/VPgerund)? Do you approve of smoking? • What do you think of NP/VPgerund? What do you think of the Lottery? • How do you find NP/VPgerund? How do you find living in England? 5 attaching/accepting blame • It’s (all) NP’s fault. It’s all my fault. • NP + be + to blame (for NP/VPgerund) You are to blame for the accident. 6 denying blame • It isn’t/wasn’t my fault. • I + be + not to blame (for NP/VPgerund) I am not to blame for losing the match. • I + be (entirely) innocent I am innocent.

I’ve/haven’t forgotten + wh-clause I’ve forgotten where it is. 5 enquiring about remembering and forgetting • Do(n’t) you remember? • Do(n’t) you remember + NP? Do you remember Capri? • Do(n’t) you remember + VPgerund? Don’t you remember coming home last night? • Do(n’t) you remember + complement clause? Don’t you remember that James was there too? • Do(n’t) you remember + wh-clause? Do you remember where you left it? • Have(n’t) you remembered/ forgotten? • Have(n’t) you remembered/ forgotten + NP Have you remembered her birthday?

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